How to Make a Travel Activity Box for Kids

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Travel Activity Box for Kids

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Take a peak inside my kiddos travel activity box.  My kids are 7 and 9, so these items are designed for older kids.  There are so many different items you can pack in a travel activity box for kids, but this will give you some ideas of things to pack for your next adventure.

We have 2 Sterilite Notebook Cases in different colors.  I like that these fit notebook size items but aren’t so big that the kids try to pack their entire rooms.

Travel Activity Box for Kids:

  1. Paperback chapter book
  2. Drawing pad and/or activity book
  3. Pencil pouch with colored pencils/crayons/markers/pencils (kids choice). I usually add 2 pencils to each bag and split a box of colored pencils between the kids.  We also have a tiny pencil sharpener that the kiddos share.
  4. Stickers (My 7 year old likes these, but my 9 year old doesn’t)
  5. DS with 2 games (1 in player and 1 in my purse) *This only comes on road trips now that we have an iPad.
  6. Playing cards
  7. Silly putty
  8. Journal for recording our travels
  9. Magazines such as Highlights or Ranger Rick (these can be trashed or given away after reading) Tip – cut off the mailing address label before leaving home to avoid having personal info floating around during your trip.

Younger kids might like a few matchbox cars or small toys and a coloring book instead of a drawing pad. You can also pack pipe cleaners, small mirror, finger puppets, 2 picture or popup books, old gift card (marked so you remember it’s not valid), old cellphone, old cd, ribbon, small stuffy or a manga doodle for toddlers.

I avoid Lego’s and other items where it’s likely something will get lost.  Nothing is worse that digging your hand in the cracks the seat or crawling around on the floor of the plane looking for lost parts!

I also keep an ipad for the kids that’s not kept in the activity box. We keep age appropriate games and movies on it plus carry earbuds.  I also like to have a DVD in my laptop, so the kiddos can watch an additional movie.  This is great for long flights!

I just placed an Amazon order for our trip to France.  We will have lots of airplane and train time, so I let each kid pick a new drawing book.  LuLu picked How to Draw 101 Animals and Monkey picked Boys’ Guide to Drawing. Both kids needed new drawing pads as well.

I typically hit up the Dollar Tree for other new items or we just use activity books that haven’t been finished.  We don’t always splurge on expensive drawing books, but sometimes it’s just more fun :)

What would you put in a travel activity box for kids?

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