Things to Do With Kids in Costa Brava, Spain

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Things to Do with Kids in Catalunya, Spain

Several villages in the Costa Brava region of Spain have worked hard to obtain the Family Tourist Destination seal of the Catalan Tourism Agency.  This designation means you will find accommodations, eating establishments and services tailored for families.  This makes traveling to these family tourist destinations easier and more enjoyable for both parents and children.  Kid’s club on the beach anyone?

We visited seven Family Tourist coastal destinations during our tour of Costa Brava.  There are many activities for families in the area and we just touched the surface of the things to do with kids.

The Official Family Destinations in Costa Brava are:

  • Blanes
  • Lloret de Mar
  • Sant Feliu de Guíxols
  • Sant Antoni de Calonge
  • Platja d’Aro
  • L’Estartit
  • Roses

Things to Do With Kids in Costa Brava, Spain:


Our tour started at the southernmost coastal village of Blanes. Blanes is the gateway to Costa Brava, situated between Barcelona and Girona.  The picturesque landscapes and fishing boats dotting the cove make it the perfect spot to start a family adventure in España.

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Best Places to Eat in Costa Brava, Spain – A Gastronomers Paradise

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Best places to Eat in Costa, Brava Spain (mussels image)

We spent 2 weeks in Costa Brava and dined on some of the most incredible food – EVER!

Costa Brava  covers 2,272 square miles and is comprised of many different villages.  Each village offers a unique coast and gastronomic experience for tourists.  It’s not surprising that many of the dishes come from the sea, but the greater Catalunya area is also famous for vegetables, beef and wine.  This gives the chefs plenty of local ingredients as a palette from which to create their culinary masterpieces.

We visited the seven Official Family Holiday Destinations along the coast and ate at a restaurant in every village and sometimes two. Each restaurant has the Family Tourist Destination seal of the Catalan Tourism Agency, so you know that the restaurants you wish to dine at welcome children, have children’s menus and have highchairs for the little ones.

Now, that is not to say these restaurants are like Red Robin in the states, teaming with screaming toddlers.  All of these restaurants would be perfect for singles or a couple.  They all just welcome children and make accommodations for families.

Best Places to Eat in Costa Brava, Spain:

I initially intended to do one large post and write about all seven of the restaurants at which we dined.  As it turns out, that made for an extremely long article.  Click the links below to read a dedicated article on each restaurant.   Be prepared, you will be drooling after reading the first one!

El Ventall Restaurant in Blanes

We started our culinary journey from the Southern most village of Costa Brava in Blanes.  El Ventall Restaurant is conveniently located between Blanes and Lloret de Mar serving high quality food using seasonal, local ingredients.

scallops at El Ventall

Read all about our experience at El Ventall Restaurant in Blanes.

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Restaurant Sódemar – Cooking, Tasting & Learning About Catalan Cuisine

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Restaurant Sodemar Review

Restaurant Sódemar in Roses

For the last meal of our Costa Brava food extravaganza, we dined at Restaurant Sódemar in Roses.  Roses is the Northern most village that is part of the Costa Brava family holiday destinations.  Keep a look out for the “Family Tourism” logo displayed in the entrance of establishments.  You know these locations have services that are especially designed with families in mind.  It just makes traveling with kids a little easier!

Restaurant Sódemar is located at the water’s edge in the village of Roses.  It’s the perfect location for dining with a view. If you have a boat, you can dock at the pier and enjoy a waterside meal.

We were treated to a superb meal and an excellent wine selection as we concluded our culinary journey.  We learned all about the local food and libations and were were given a lesson on cooking paella as we watched the chef prepare our meal.

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Farm to Table, Vine to Bottle in Costa Brava – Mas Ponsjoan Wine Tour

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Mas Ponsjoan Wine Tour Calonge, Spain

One of our favorite stops in all of Costa Brava, Spain was the Mas Ponsjoa winery. An almost five century old family run business,  it boasts one of the oldest farmhouses in the village of Calonge.

Transportation to the vineyard was by bicycle.  The views of the countryside along the way were fantastic. Upon arrival, we were welcomed  with a glass of water from the well that, by the looks of it, is as old as the farm itself- established in 1660.

Growing produce at Mas Ponsjoan Vineyard

The owner seemed to enjoy taking us on the tour as much as we enjoyed being on it.  The pride he felt was obvious as he walked and spoke, not only of the vineyard, but of the olives, strawberries, cherries and other produce grown on the farm as well.  All the produce and wine is sold to locals. They come to the vineyard to purchase a bottle (or two) of natural wine or what ever else might be in season.  Some of the produce is also sold at the market or canned and sold locally.   Nothing is wasted at Mas Ponsjoa!

Wine barrels at Mas Ponsjoan Winery

Wine bottles in cellar at Mas Ponsjoan Winery

The tour continued with a walk through the wine cellar – absolutely amazing!  It was two stories under  ground with two different levels used for different wines stored at different temperatures.

After the tour, we gathered at a large outside table ,under a covered area, to sample the various wines,  have a few snacks and learn about some of their wine making processes.

We were flabbergasted to learn that the wines are only sold at the vineyard, are organic and cost anywhere from 1.50€ for the white to 3.50€ for the dessert,  with the rosé and black/red falling in between.  Seriously, a bottle of fabulous, organic wine for 1.50€ ($1.68) is insane!

Kids Learning about wine at Mas Ponsjoan

Kids making a new friend

Kids making a new friend

The kiddos were treated to a mini lesson on wine barrels and wine making after finishing their snacks and cooling off with more water.  They learned that if you move the wine barrel, the wine will be ruined.  They really must have been paying attention because each day, for several days, they told us more bits and pieces about what they learned.  All three kids sat in a half circle and listed attentively -a well designed lesson to keep the kids attention.

I found it fascinating that school tours are held here as well.  It’s a great way to teach children about wine, growing fresh fruits and vegetables and local farm living.

By the end of our tour no one wanted to leave.  It was a lovely place with beautiful views and wonderful people. Thank you Mas Ponsjoan winery for an excellent experience!  Derrick said he’d go back to work a day on the farm for more wine and education!

Mas Ponsjoan in Costa Brava

Mas Ponsjoan uses traditional wine making techniques and sells direct to the customer from the farmhouse.  A visit should definitely be on your list when visiting the area!

17251 Calonge (Girona)

972 65 16 26


Tours are held on Wednesdays by appointment with a cost of just 3€  – 10 € , depending on option. Tours are organized for groups with a minimum of 10 and a  maximum of 25 people.

How to get There:
Bike from the center or rent a car and drive.   A detailed map and GPS coordinates are available on their website.

See more Calonge tourism options for help planning your next visit.

Mas Ponsjoan Wine Tour wine tour with kids in Calonge, SpainWine Tour in Costa Brava Spain - Mas Ponsjoan

Disclosure: My family was invited as guests to experience family-friendly destinations in Costa Brava.  All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from others.


Camping Les Medes – Not Your Typical Campground Dinner

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Camping Les Medes in Estartit

Dinner at a campground?  Say it ain’t so.  No, it’s not like the US.  We weren’t served BBQ chicken, hot dogs or hamburgers.  The food was amazing and didn’t include even one squirt of ketchup.

Camping Les Medes is a family run campground.  We dined with the son while his mother prepared and served our meal.   We didn’t get to explore the grounds, BUT they had a giant chess board outside that the kids thought was awesome!

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