15 Disney Cruise Secrets

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Disney vacation cruises are amazing – magical even!  We sailed on the Disney Fantasy and learned tons of Disney cruise secrets that I hope will help you be prepared for your Disney Cruise.

Some of these Disney cruise secrets will save you money and some will save you time.  All will help make your first cruise even more magical!

Disney Cruise Secrets:

1.  FREE Soda – Okay, this really isn’t a secret but you may not realize that you can get free soda on a Disney Cruise.  No more paying for soda cards!

Soda is free from one of the soda machines found on the pool deck and during dinner.  If your itinerary includes Castaway Cay, you can also get free soda on the island.  You can’t get free soda from the bars or from room service.  Silly, I know.

Disney Costumes Collage

2.  Pack Your Own Princess and Pirate Costumes – Kids will want to dress up during the Pirates IN the Caribbean night.  Bring your own pirate or Caribbean inspired costume for more pirate fun and to save money – you don’t want to be tempted to buy a costume on board for big bucks!

I even brought a Caribbean style dress and bandana for pirate night.  Hubs refused :)  The cruise ship will provide bandanas for you to wear, so you will have something provided if you choose not bring dress-up clothes.

If you have a little girl, she’ll likely want to dress up like a princess.  Purchase dresses from home (we found ours on sale through the Disney Store).  LuLu wore her Cinderella and Tangled dress pretty much the entire trip.


3.  Take Your Own Photos – There are countless photo opportunities on the ship – character greetings, formal night, boarding the ship….  A crew member will take a professional shot, but they will also snap a picture with your camera if you ask.

The only time they wouldn’t take our picture was during the formal nights.  No problem! We just waited until after dinner and had another guest take a pic of our family then I returned the favor.

That being said, my favorite photo is one that we purchased from formal night.  We all dressed up on formal nights, so the entire family looked their best.  Hubs wore a suit, Monkey was in a dress shirt with black slacks and LuLu and I were wearing our nicest dresses.  It is definitely worth getting your photo taken.  Plus if you arrive early to dinner, you’ll avoid the lines.

4.  Character Greetings – You will have the opportunity to meet Disney Characters throughout the cruise.  Find locations and times in your personal navigator, so you can stop by when it’s convenient for you.  If you have a girl, you MUST got to the Princess Gathering.  ALL the princess will be together in one place, so you can get a picture with each one.  Just make sure to arrive early to get in line.  This is obviously a very popular event!


If you’re child has a princess costume, it makes the pictures even cuter!  We did a few of the pictures with both kiddos, but have pictures of just LuLu with each Princess as well.

5.  Pack Alcoholic Beverages –  Disney cruise lines allow you to pack your own alcohol in your carry on luggage and bring it on with you during embarkation.  Other cruise lines either don’t allow you to bring your own alcohol on board and will confiscate it and return it to you at the end of the cruise or they will limit you to only two bottles of wine per person.

We not only carried on wine for me, but cans of beer for hubs.  That can save you a TON of money!  Just know that you need to consume these beverages in your room or in public areas.  However, you can bring your own bottle to dinner and pay a $20 corking fee.  Don’t forget to bring a travel corkscrew, so you don’t have to pay that fee with every bottle!

We also carried on a case of water to drink in the room and to pack in our bags when we visited our cruise destinations.

You can also save money by purchasing the drink of the day or by purchasing a 22 oz Disney Cruise Line Beer Mug for $16.95 and have it refilled for the price of a 16oz.  They even offer a wine packages that could be a good value if you don’t want to pack your own.

Don’t forget you can get FREE soda to use as a mixer if you bring your own liquor bottle on board!  If you prefer OJ, grab an extra glass or 2 at breakfast and put them in your stateroom fridge to use that evening.

We drove to the terminal, so airline restrictions were not an issue.  If you’re flying in, there is a Publix on the way to the Port Canaveral terminal.  Check maps near other terminals you are sailing from to find more grocery stores.

6. Character Call – Schedule a character call with Mickey or Goofy before you depart.  My kids thought it was cool to have Mickey call, even though my oldest knew it was a recording :)

7.  Decorate your Door – Bring magnets to decorate your door.  You can’t use tape but the metal doors are great for posting a wipe-off board if you need to leave messages for other travelers.  It’s also nice to decorate for a birthday, holiday or anniversary.

Since we sailed over Christmas, I purchased plastic window clings from the Dollar Tree to further decorate the room.  I put a Christmas tree cling on the mirror when I placed a few presents out on Christmas Eve.  The other holiday decoration clings went on the verandah door.

8.  Stay on the Ship During Port Days – The entire ship is your playground on port days.  You’ll have your pick of lounge chairs, a nearly deserted pool, little or no wait for the AquaDuck and short lines waiting for lunch or a snack.

You can also save money by coming back to the ship for a late lunch at the buffet instead of eating at one of the touristy restaurants just off the ship.

Furthermore, you don’t have to get off the ship immediately when you pull into port.  If you don’t have an early excursion scheduled, wait to get off the ship.  Have a leisurely breakfast then disembark once the crowds die down.

9. Free Room Service – You can have food and beverages delivered to your stateroom for free.  However, we usually tipped a $1 or $2 depending on the amount of food delivered.  The kiddos can get a Mickey Bar before bed each night as an extra special dessert.

Disney Cruise Secrets - castaway cay

10.  Feed the Fish and Eat Ice Cream Sandwiches on Castaway Cay –  Castaway Cay is one of our favorite islands and we learned a couple of tricks when we visited.  First, they serve large (and delicious) chocolate chip cookies.  BUT that’s just not enough yummy goodness.  Grab 2 and take them to the ice cream station to make your own ice cream sandwich.  YUM!!

You likely won’t be able to eat it all, so take the rest and feed it to the fish.  We used the leftover cookie plus the small packages of Froot Loops served during breakfast to have fish surrounding us.  Kids and adults from all around were amazed at how many fish were attracted to the food.

11.  Bring a Lanyard for Your Key to the World Cards –  Every member of your party is provided with a Key to the World card that will get you on and off the ship, into your stateroom and allow you to make purchases on board the ship.  We purchased the kids Disney lanyards before departing, so they could always have their cards with them.

You can also put a set amount of money on each child’s card.  The money can be used in stores and in the arcade.

12. Pin Trading – Just like at the Disney Parks, you can pin trade while on the ship.  Pins are available for purchase in the stores and there will be select times and locations listed in your Navigator for pin trading.  During the trading sessions, cast members must let you pick the pin to trade, so my kids always trade a smaller pin for a cool, larger pin :)

13.  Use Dine and Play if You Have Late Seating Dinner – While we learned that late dinner just didn’t work for our family, parents can have their children take part in Dine and Play – only if you have the late dinner assignment. Children receive their meals early then are escorted by counselors to youth clubs to play while adults enjoy their dinner.  Kids would rather play than sit though a long dinner anyways!

Kids can also eat lunch or dinner in the youth area if parents want a quiet dinner alone.   This could be great if you want to eat at a specialty restaurant such as Palo or Remy.

14.  Book Activities Before You Sail – You can book excursions, spa treatments, specialty dining, bippity boppity boutique and more in advance.  Once you have your booking reservation number, just sign-in on the Disney Cruise site to make reservations.   You can also register kids for the youth club and check-in online.

*The activities can be booked 75 days in advance for first time cruisers and as early as 120 days prior to sailing for Platinum Castaway Club members.

If you can’t get the reservation you want online, make sure to arrive early on embarkation day.  Some spots are held for on board booking, so you’re chance of getting a reservation is pretty good if you’re able to board early.

15.  Complete Online check-in early & select an early arrival time –  Getting on the ship early is a great way to start off your vacation and enjoy the ship before it gets too crowded.  We selected an 11am arrival time and were on board around noon.  We had time to eat lunch, tour the ship (except the staterooms) and lounge around by the pool.  Make sure to pack swimsuits and sunscreen in your carry on!

It’s not really a Disney cruise secret, but I want to suggest visiting the Detective Agency and completing the mysteries.  My kids had a blast solving the cases!  It’s a great way to see the ship and keep kids entertained.

Disney Cruise Tips

I can’t possibly mention all the Disney Cruise Secrets and tips in one post, so I would highly recommend purchasing one of the books below for more information on all ships and the ports of call.

  1. PassPorter’s Disney Cruise Line and Its Ports of Call.
  2. The Unofficial Guide to the Disney Cruise Line
  3. Hidden Mickeys Go To Sea: A Field Guide to the Disney Cruise Line’s Best Kept Secrets if you want help searching out Mickey’s.

What are your Disney Cruise Secrets?

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  1. says

    I have been wantting to take my little ones on a Disney cruise! When the funds finally become available that’s the 1st thing we are gong to do as a family!!!

  2. nicole dziedzic says

    Great to know secret for when we finally do make that big trip with the kids to a Disney Cruise. Always great to know travel tips.

  3. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    Oh how I love cruising!!! My two girls are too old for a Disney Cruise now, well I’m sure we would still have a blast, but they and I enjoy cruising so much.
    Your 15 tips are certainly beneficial in planning what to pack/take with you for several reasons such as being prepared, saving money, for the children to have optimum enjoyment, etc… I have a cousin that she and her husband are taking their children on a Disney cruise this summer and I am sending your post to her. I know it will help her be prepared when her family embarks.

  4. shelleyb says

    Our family has never been on a cruise. I’ve only heard great things about “Disney Cruises.” I appreciate the tip list.

  5. Melissa Douglass says

    I can’t wait until my kids are a little older so I can take them on a Disney Cruise! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Ebonie H.W. says

    These are great tips! I want to take my kids when they are older, so I’ll have to save these for later!

  7. says

    Very informative tips for anyone going on a Disney Cruise. I read through all this even though it may not be beneficial to me but if I someday can pass along any tips that is fine by me.

  8. lisa says

    Never have been a cruise. I would have thought that food and drinks were included. It’s good that they let you bring your own. Food and drink can add up quickly.

  9. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    These are all great tips and especially the lanyard for the ship card for the children. I will add that I read several places prior to embarking that we could bring two bottles of alcohol or so much beer(I forget the quantity) and/or we could purchase that amount of alcohol when we were at port to bring on the ship. I purchased a bottle of rum in Mexico and they would not let me keep it with me. I did send it to my room the night before we were to disembark, which was fine, but I couldn’t keep it with me. It did not make that much difference to get upset over but it wasn’t what their rules and regs stated online.

  10. lisa says

    I always thought that once you bought the ticket that was t. It sounds like you’re staying at a hotel and everything is extra.

  11. lisa says

    It sounds nice, but expensive. As I’ve mentioned, the movie Titanic stuck with me and the last place I’d want to be stranded is the middle of the ocean. Jaws is another movie that I think of.


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