Ocean Breeze Waterpark Virginia Beach {Family Fun in the Sun}

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Ocean Breeze Waterpark Virginia Beach
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Are you looking for a great way to cool off during the hot summer months? Then Ocean Breeze Waterpark Virginia Beach is your answer!

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Located in Virginia Beach only a few short miles from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Ocean Breeze Waterpark Virginia Beach is the perfect way to add some water fun to your vacation!  There are rides and features for the entire family and we have been season pass holders since the boys were babies!  From Buccaneer Bay for the little ones, to The Hurricane for the more daring family members, you’re sure to find something to make everyone happy!  And if going down slides isn’t your thing, you can relax poolside by the giant wave pool or grab a free raft and float around the “Adventure River” which has earned a nickname from my kids as “The Lazy River” because it’s so relaxing!

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Buccaneer Bay has several attractions and slides for children. My boys especially love the Pirate Ship and the green, orange, and purple slides.  They are still getting used to the “Hooks Lagoon” since it dumps a pretty massive bucket of water on children and parents below!

The wave pool is popular for many visitors to the park since it has time periods of calm and cooling water.  Other times you can jump and surf waves just like at the beach-but with no sand!

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There are also many ways to save money while at Ocean Breeze Waterpark Virginia Beach.  Daily passes are FREE for kids up to age 2 and are $32.99 for adults.  Children 9 and under are only $24.99.  If you’re a local to Virginia Beach or if you plan on spending more than one day at the park during the season, a season pass is the way to go.  Priced at only $69.99 you make your money back in just 3 visits.  Plus if you’re military, you get a discount on this price as well!

Besides free parking, free sunscreen, and free tubes/rafts, you can also save money if you choose to eat at the park.  Meals are a bit pricey but the park has recently added a meal plan that can be purchased for $59.99.  This plan will get you one free meal every day.  We invested in this plan for the summer and have already made our money back!  One adult meal easily feeds both boys and usually allows mom to have  a couple of bites too!  If you want to pack your own lunch and snacks be sure to put them in a cooler in the car.  Outside food is not allowed in the park and they will not allow it to be brought inside.  Exceptions are sometimes made for children under 2 but it’s a hit or miss.

You’re allowed to leave the park and come back during the day, so just ride the tram back to the parking lot when you’re ready for a bite!  They have even provided picnic tables around the parking lot for visitors to use!

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You may be concerned about the safety of your belongings while at the park.  If you choose to bring in a wallet or other valuables, lockers are available to rent and are pretty reasonable. You can also purchase a seasonal rental that will save you money if you plan on making several visits during the summer.

Another idea is to purchase an Otterbox dry storage box to keep valuables such as cellphone, keys, money or a small camera.  You can get a small box to hold a cell and money or a larger box to hold more items.  You can place it around your wrist and keep your valuables with you at all times – even on the water slides!  We always bring our oldest towels as well.  While it’s extremely rare, I have heard of people leaving super cute Disney towels on a chair to come back and find it missing :(  While I’ve never had a bad experience, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

All in all, I only have positive things to tell you about Ocean Breeze Waterpark, Virginia Beach.  My family absolutely loves going and we visit the park at least once a week during the summer!

What are your tips for vising Ocean Breeze Waterpark?

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